Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A La Carte

Here are a few Websites which I've found helpful over the past few months. I may do this semi-regularly when I have time to read more blogs and explore more websites, but for now this is probably a once off.

Abort73 is a pro-life website which offers a number of good resources and a whole heap of information abut Abortion and having a biblical view of it.

Voice of the Martyrs is an organisation that works to help persecuted Christians from around the world. If you're interested then from this website you can get resources or sign up to be emailed a prayer newsletter, which I've found good to pray through and challenging - where I live there is almost no persecution for being a Christian and yet I find it so hard to live openly as a Christian.

Got Questions: This website has proved really helpful to me over the past few years in exploring different questions and ideas about our faith. There are so many good articles on there, take a look for yourself!

Christians in Context: This is a blog run by a recent acquaintance of mine, he has a lot of good stuff up there and co-blogs with myself and some others. Check out this post if you want.

Biblehub: This site has a number of useful commentaries on most verses (if not every verse) of the bible. It also offers a number of different translations which is useful.

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