Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Sights to See

All his breakers and his waves - this is a must read. God does send us through hardships, and he is faithful in them. The faith of this church was deeply encouraging to me and deeply challenging.

How to Live for God's Glory: In this article John MacArthur explores how we can practically obey God's command in 1 Corinthians 10:31 to glorify God. I found this helpful as a reminder of how I should be living to glorify God. John Piper also provides a short devotion here about worshipping God in our lives.

Resolutions for Mental Health: In this post, John Piper discusses 10 resolutions shared by a friend and professor. I found them useful to read and am hoping to apply a few at least to my own life.

Questions to Ask when Preparing for Marriage: This is another post by Piper, and even though I'm not preparing for marriage directly yet, these questions were good to consider and look through. I definitely see their relevance to married life.

Falling asleep while Praying: Here's some food for thought, I found this fairly encouraging - I find Im always falling asleep when I'm praying at night.

Blindsided by God...but never betrayed: In this article, Peter Chin looks at how setbacks in his life, such as the catastrophe of his wife getting cancer, have proven God's true character. I greatly recommend it.

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